How HR can change an existing workplace culture.

How HR can change an existing workplace culture.

  • Identify what need to be changed.

Mostly culture is deemed to be how things are done here and introducing change mean things will take the mediocrity way. In order to achieve this as a professional, you need to assess areas that need to change. It might be a process or a procedure of doing certain job or a certain behavior in a certain clique. The main reason for introducing culture change is to ease the way work is done.

  • Understand the resistance and from who

Employees tend to resist change at work place mostly who are directly affected. This is human nature anyway. The reason why most human don’t want change is the fear of the unknown. They don’t know what will happen when the culture changes. They think it will remove them from their comfort zones. This is what we are used to. They want to stay that way forever.

  • Make people understand why change is essential

For HR to win, there must be a very critical internal communication strategy. If the change is not communicated in the right way, thing can be worse.  Make them know it’s good for the company and guarantee them that it won’t affect their job negatively. Most managers fail in this phase. I don’t have the skill to convince the employees to adapt to changes. They like using force and threats which works very well for desperate employees.  This make it difficult for managers to implement change.

  • Know what resources you have.

Culture change may result to additional resources in the organization. For example when you want to introduce a new working system and you don’t have an expert to implement the system. This calls for a consultant or a new hire. It might be that was not in the budget but it’s very important to have better knowledge of the new system before it

  • Understand organization politics

Politics are everywhere. In organizations there are those who are known to be the best when it comes to work politics. When you want to change the culture, this are the best people to target. They make is simple for you. Once you identify them, you need to motivate them so that they can be able to convince their followers. They act as an agents of culture change.