Impacts of Health on Workers

From a global perspective, workers face a myriad of challenges depending on the working environment they are in. A lot of factors contribute to workers working in environments that are harmful to their health. The two most recognized reasons for this are:-

  1. Employers who give little regard to safety and health,
  2. Ignorant workers, or workers who are too needy to choose jobs.

The little regard employers or even employees give to their health in hazardous conditions can cost their health immensely. Some workers work in environments where they have to burn waste or treat hazardous sewage or gases before releasing. In some cases, the gases may be poisonous and lead to respiratory defects. In other cases, contamination may lead to illnesses such as those affecting the skin, eyes, or other parts of the body that come into contact with the poisons. Where there are no protective gear, the workers may be exposed to corrosive fluids which again, have life-threatening impacts. Most of these health conditions workers are exposed to are irreversible and may cause damages that run through generations. Other than that, these health defects that result may cost the employers and employees expensive hospital procedures.

It is important that employers apply some sense of humanity before employing any persons. As stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act, ensuring that all the guidelines are followed letter by letter is vital. In cases where laborers may be deficient of information pertaining to health factors while working, safety and health officers should conduct as many rounds of education as possible. Each worker should put their health first since treating some of the conditions contracted from exposure to hazardous causatives may cost them many times more than their wages.