Dealing with Cold Weather

Cold weather is not exactly welcome to a majority of people. It is a season that is marked with a lot of heart attack incidents, seasonal affective disorder not to mention the overwhelming laziness that takes over. However, did you know that the cold weather actually carries some advantages? How you wonder? Cold weather is not hospitable for some of the disease causing insects, therefore, during this period, there are less of such insects. Cold weather also reduces inflammation. In most cases, after injuries such as sprains, individuals are advised to use ice cubes to reduce the pain. Cold weather, to some extent, helps sooth these inflammations.

Despite the benefits associated with cold weather, there are still a myriad of serious effects from the same. A number of misconceptions also have to be cleared about ways to handle the cold weather. During the onset of cold weather, the body responds by constricting blood vessels. This assists the body to retain its heat. Other body processes such as shivering also assist to keep the body temperatures regulated.

 Note: It is common for people to resolve to take alcohol to keep warm. Alcohol acts opposite to how the body reacts. It makes the constricted blood vessel to vasodilate, denying heat to the internal organs of the body. Though one may feel warm, the heat is only felt at the surface of the body. This may cause hypothermia.

 It is also important to keep warm. One is required to wear clothes that are fit for cold weather. However, overdoing warm clothes can also cause the body’s internal temperatures to drop. Therefore, one should not overdo warm clothing. Secondly, it is important to take hot beverages to keep warm. Although this may prompt frequent urination, it is an excellent way to ward off the cold. One can also make use of heaters. It important to follow safety precautions while using one to prevent accidents.